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ResMed Ultra Mirage Full Face Complete System
PN: 60600, 60601, 60602, 60603, 60604, 60605

Not getting the most out of your CPAP therapy? Stop the loss of air. Around 40% of CPAP users and almost all bilevel users lose treatment pressure through their mouths, either by mouth breathing or mouth leak. Ultra Mirage full face mask provided the solution and stops this loss so you get more comfortable and effective therapy. If you often have a stuffy nose or just want a mask that you can wear when you have allergies or a cold, the Ultra Mirage Full Face Mask is the answer. Loss in pressure may bring about flu-like characteristics; poor sleep therapy, and unsettled sleep. The Ultra Mirage full face mask covers both the nose and mouth which prevents pressure loss from mouth breathing thereby improving both your comfort and your sleep therapy.

• Forehead support has four adjustment positions to optimize seal and comfort

• Flexible forehead pads conform to the contour of the forehead to enhance stability and comfort

• Proven Mirage cushion technology provides an excellent seal without tight headgear so you don't have to face pressure sores and discomfort

• Set & Forget headgear needs fitting only once so you don't need to adjust the headgear every time they put their mask on

• Top and bottom headgear clips make putting the mask on and taking it off fast and easy so you have less fuss and more confidence

• Superior airflow and built-in air vents provide excellent CO2 washout to ensure effective therapy, even at low pressures

• Designed to minimize air loss, beating the mouth leak cycle

• Mask materials: Latex-free, Neoprene-free, Polycarbonate mask frame, Food-grade silicone mask cushion, Breathe-O-Prene and Velcro headgear (both are neoprene-free)

This product includes: (Mask is delivered fully assembled)

• Mask

• Cushion

• Headgear

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ResMed Ultra Mirage Full Face Complete System
$214.00 CAD