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ResMed Pixi Pediatric Complete System
PN: 61030

The ResMed Pixi pediatric mask is speciall designed for children ages two to seven. The Pixi is constructed based on the bone structure, facial characteristics and skin sensitivity of children to minimize pressure on soft faces. 

Gentle. The Pixi uses thin single-wall silicone cushion to minimize pressure on the face without compromising the seal. 

Adaptable. Headgear sits away from the eyes and ears to reduce irritation and provide a clear line of sight. There are three points of adjustment to maximize comfort. 

Safe. An emergency latch allows for quick removal if needed.

Secure. There are two tubing attachement locations to accomodate different sleeping posiotions. The lightweight tube will stretch and bend easily without geting caught or drag as the child moves around in their sleep. 



Please note that this item is a special order item and is not stocked regularly. It will be special ordered on a case-by-case basis. Please allow for an additional 1-3 days for processing time.
ResMed Pixi Pediatric Complete System
$164.00 CAD