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ResMed AirMini AutoSet with N30 Mask Pack
PN: 380078

Product Description:
With the AirMini™ system, you get everything you need for CPAP therapy on the go. It includes AirMini™ – the world’s smallest CPAP – plus a compatible ResMed mask and setup pack.

AirMini™ is the world’s smallest CPAP and perfect no-hassle travel partner. Developed by ResMed, one of the world’s most trusted sleep apnea therapy brands, AirMini™ makes it simple to bring high-quality CPAP therapy along no matter where life takes you. Whether your CPAP used to stay at home or you’ve just grown tired of packing it up, there’s a better way forward with AirMini™.

AirMini™: AirMini™ is the world’s smallest CPAP at just 0.66 pounds (300 grams), 13.7 cm L x 8.4 cm W x 5.3 cm H and has a sound level of 30 - 38 dBa. It comes with the same therapy modes as ResMed AirSense™ 10 bedside devices (CPAP, AutoSet™ and AutoSet™ for Her) and offers many of the same popular features including AutoRamp™, Expiratory Pressure Relief (EPR) and SmartStart™. And while it isn’t required to operate the AirMini™, the AirMini™ app provides convenient control of your machine. Download it to your smart device3 for access to a range of adjustable comfort settings and your nightly score that tells you how well you slept.

F20, N20 and P10/N30 for AirMini users can take advantage of the HumidX waterless humidification system*. Each HumidX works for 30 days to provide waterless humidification for comfort and relief. There's no need to add water every day!

AitFit F30 is currently not compatible with HumidX tablets.

Notes: ResMed AirMini is only compatible with the ResMed N20, F20 and F30 series of masks (with special adapter), as well as the special P10 and N30 for AirMini masks. HumidX waterless humidification system only compatible with F20, N20 or P10/N30 for AirMini series of masks.

The AirMini™ with N30 for AirMini mask pack includes these components:
AirMini™: AirMini™ is the world’s smallest CPAP at just 0.66 pounds (300 grams) and 5.4 x 3.3 x 2.0 inches.

AirMini™ N30 setup pack: A setup pack is required to use AirMini™. AirMini™ N30 setup pack comes with an AirFit™ N30 for AirMini™ mask, HumidX™ and HumidX™ Plus waterless humidifier and tubing. The AirMini™ N30 setup pack includes the AirFit N30 for AirMini mask.

Also included: External 20W power supply.


ResMed AirMini AutoSet with N30 Mask Pack