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EXP PRO Solar Charging Panel 60W
PN: 207-EXP-SC60W

The EXP PRO 60 Watt Solar panel is really compact and designed to be a genuinely portable charging solution for the EXP PRO Battery line as well as other devices including cell phones, tablets, cameras and other items.  Please check with your manufacturer of any other devices you plan to connect to the solar panel to ensure compatibility.   

Through extensive testing, EXP PRO has found the most versatile solar panel solution for charging any power station. EXP PRO's solar panel puts out 18-22 volts; the higher voltage is essential for charging the battery efficiently and in a variety of conditions. 

EXP PRO's 60W monocrystalline solar cell has a high conversion efficiency of 23.5%

The EXP PRO Solar Panel is waterproof (except control box) and high-temperature resistant. 


60-Watt EXP PRO folding solar panel
14' Power cord (connection from solar panel to battery) consisting of:
       4’ DC charging cable   
       10' DC charging extension cable (plugs into the 4' DC cable)
45” USB output Cable with 3 options for input (USB-C plug, Apple “Lightning” plug,  USB Micro M plug for cell phones, GPS units and digital cameras)
Four (4) carabiners for hanging from backpack or other structure.


EXP PRO Solar Charging Panel 60W
$329.99 CAD