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PN: 207-EXP48PRO

Revolutionary new LiFePO4 multi-night batteries from EXP PRO! Weather-resistant with extra USB ports. Power your PAP up to 3 nights!

EXP PRO LifePO4 batteries
Now you can go further and stay longer with EXP PRO Batteries. Take your therapy to the next level of preparedness!
EXP PRO LifePO4 batteries
Using LiFePo4 technology, EXP PRO batteries have more power and last up to 5,000 life cycles! Better for you, better for the environment. The EXP48PRO is also TSA approved!
EXP PRO LifePO4 batteries These durable, splash proof batteries charge PAP devices, cell phones, tablets, and much more. Equipped with “Pass Through” technology, white and amber flashing lights, quick charge USB ports, a Type-C port, and DC 12V charging port(s) to power more than just your PAP.
Best-in-class with a two year warranty, and conveniently come with both AC cable and DC charging cable (for Z2 machines. Other brands require a convertor or 12v DC cable, sold separately). Solar panel sold separately. EXP PRO LifePO4 batteries
EXP PRO LifePO4 batteries EXP PRO LifePO4 batteries
2-3 night's sleep on a single charge* 4-6 night’s sleep on a single charge*
2-3 nights with two PAP machines*
1 DC, 2 USB (out), and 1 USB-C (in/out) 2 DC, 2 USB (out), and 1 USB-C (in/out)
Dimensions: 1.6" x 6" x 8.2" Dimensions: 3" x 6" x 8.2"
Charge Time: 6.5 Hours Charge Time: 13 Hours
Battery Cell Chemistry: LiFePO4
Lifecycles: Up to 5,000
Capacity: 154Wh/12.8Ah @ 12V Capacity: 307Wh/25.6Ah @ 12V
TSA Approved: 154Wh Can run 2 PAP machines at the same time
Charging Cables: AC cable & DC cable (for Z2 machines) included. Compatible with other 12v cables, sold separately.
Port covers keep out unwanted dirt & moisture
4 ways to recharge (AC/DC/Type-C/Solar)
Warranty: 2 years

*without heated tubing or humidifier


Is this compatible with all CPAP machines?
The included DC cable works directly with BREAS Z1/Z2 travel machines. For all other machines, an adapter or 12V DC cable for your machine is required (sold separately). Run-time will depend on machine and settings.

Can I use my own 12V DC cable for my CPAP machine or other device?
YES! The EXP PRO batteries have 1-2 DC ports that are compatible with any 12V DC cable. There are also USB ports to power your devices.

Are these batteries TSA approved?
Only the EXP48PRO has a small enough battery size to be TSA approved.

Why does it not run as long when using a heated tube/humidifier?
Heated tubes and humidifiers consume more power and will not run as long. Some higher pressure settings may also use more power. Actual run time will vary depending on usage.


$605.00 CAD