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Replacement Parts / Headgear & Clips

Respironics DreamWear / DreamWear Gel Replacement Headgear with Arms
PN: 1116751

Updated headgear design with arms, for use with DreamWear Nasal or DreamWear Gel Pillows masks. The headgear arms work like eyeglass arms, helping reduce mask and headgear movement when being used.

With an innovative design, DreamWear headgear with arms helps reduce slippage by delivering additional stability as you sleep.

To properly fit this product to your existing mask, you'll need to follow the instructions below:

  1. Ensure all the logos and labels on the headgear face out
  2. To then connect your headgear to the frame, line up the arrows on the headgear with the arrows on the frame
  3. Once aligned, slide into place.




$45.00 $36.00 CAD