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Chinstraps help nasal and nasal pillow mask users assure that they are getting the pressure they need without opening and breathing through their mouth. These are designed to comfortably keep your mouth closed throughout the night so that all breathing is done through your nose and your CPAP therapy can continue to be effective, without having to use a full face mask.
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Chinstraps / Restraints Accessories

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ResMed Chin Restraint

The ResMed chin restraint helps prevent your mouth from opening while you sleep to ensure that you receive the most effective therapy.

$32.00 $24.00 CAD

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Morpheus Deluxe Chinstrap

Part of the CPAPology product line, the Morpheus Deluxe Chinstraps help improve the compliance of sleep therapy.

$30.00 $25.00 CAD

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AG Non-Adjustable Chinstrap

This product is available in: Small, Medium, or Large. By AG Industries. Chin Restraint / Chin Strap / Chinstrap

$43.00 $38.00 CAD

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Best in Rest Chin Strap

This device easily and gently cradles the jaw to prevent the mouth from opening during PAP treatment to minimize air loss.

$40.00 $35.00 CAD

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Respironics Premium Chinstrap

Premium Chinstrap by Respironics.

$48.00 CAD

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Knightsbridge DualBand Chinstrap

Revolutionary patent pending DUAL BAND/Vertical Lift design provides the most effective and comfortable anti-snoring chin strap on the market.

$50.00 CAD

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