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Respironics Amara View Full Face Complete System

Product Reviews

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Great Mask

The only problem with this mask for me is that it can leak so times but all you have to do is adjust the head gear. I am a small size and it is light and easy to keep clean. Love this mask wish I hadn't tried a different one last time I ordered. Hope to order this one again.

4 Star on Nov 27, 2019

Good mask

I have been using this mask for about a month now and I like it much more than my previous one. It doesn't hurt the bridge of my nose. It leaks air sometimes but one just needs to adjust the headgear. Recommended.

4 Star by Lise Savoie on Oct 10, 2018

Better than 4 other full face masks I have tried

The main advantage of this one is that it doesn't push down on the bridge of my nose and leave a mark and sores on my nose. I wish the nasal opening was a bit bigger.

4 Star on Jan 23, 2016

Great for short noses

This mask seems like a nice idea, but I'm a big guy and the Large version was still too small to fit properly. The nose cushion does not stick out far enough, causing it to press against the tip of my nose. This is not only uncomfortable, but also causes the mask to distort and not seal against my face above my lips. Also, the nostril hole is really only big enough for one side. Wish I could return it.

1 Star by Andrew Muttersbach on Nov 18, 2015