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Respironics Wisp Nasal Complete System

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Wisp mask with silcone frame 1094050

I have been using CPAP for 15 yrs, always had issues with mask, pulling to one side, jaw pain, and general dissatisfaction. Since switching to the wisp mask two years ago I get a much better rest, no jaw pain, and generally better overall comfort, or at least as much as you can have with trying to sleep, and use any kind of apparatus while sleeping. I use the style with silicone frame, and even find that the pressure imprint is less after a full nights sleep. I have to give this mask 5 stars.

5 Star on Apr 11, 2018

Love it! Great seal, stay put head-gear.

I have 3 masks that I alternate depending on my mood. Wisp, Pilario Q, and AirFit. This one has the best seal, and slips the least. I highly recommend it. My son also uses it and prefers the Wisp over the Eson.

5 Star by Diane Magnone on Feb 11, 2015


This is a terrible mask. It's loud, it leaks and worst of all it is poorly made. I have gone through four frames in the last year. Even though the company backed up it's product twice the frame still broke in under three months. Not worth it, looking into a new mask.

1 Star by Sue Evans on Jan 25, 2014